One down, blackberry cobbler, and cooking shows.

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bowl of blackberry cobbler with a scoop of vanilla ice cream

Yeah…I made it.


Hi! It’s Wednesday night. And it’s been a longish day.

Well, most of my days are long since for some reason I wake up every morning around 6:30. I’ve always been a morning person so makes sense. I actually did 23&Me (which could be an episode on it’s own) and part of the info they give is an approximate time of morning you are likely to wake up. For me, it was 7:21 am. Which is really about the time I wake up. This 6:30 crap is something new.

My mornings are nice, I sit on the back deck having coffee with Bella listening to the birds singing. I see a lot of beautiful shockingly bright red cardinals.  There is a hummingbird feeder but they have not been around. I catch up on emails and news from overnight. 

Today I was nervous all morning because at 11am I had my first conversation with my first guest. I had no reason to be nervous as he is a great guy. We did it over Zoom and ended up talking for about 2 hours. I’ve been editing a good part of the afternoon and will finish it up tomorrow. Once that is done the show comes together pretty fast.

I also had to record a couple of commercials today. Recording those doesn’t take too long. My niece was over here today and gave Bella a bath. It’s also time to take Bella to the groomer. She needs her summer shave down.

There is a huge blackberry bush in the backyard. It didn’t produce much last year but this year is a different story. That thing is loaded with berries. I got my first haul from the vine yesterday. It was about 3 cups worth. So of course they went into a blackberry cobbler. And it is good. I love a good cobbler. Hot, sweet, and gooey with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream. OK I might have to get a second helping.

Well, while I’m discussing cobblers, I might as make an admission. The one cobbler I won’t eat is peach cobbler. I just do not like peaches. Both the taste and smell are just not appealing to me. And yes…I was born and raised in Georgia, The Peach State. Growing up the family would churn ice cream on the back porch in the heat of the summer. They usually made peach ice cream, much to my disappointment. 

I love baking and cooking in general. It’s just something I enjoy doing. I’ve had people tell me they hate the chopping and dicing; but that’s something I find very satisfying. I’ve watched tons of knife skills videos in my time. My favorite cooking shows are PBS’ “Cooks Country” and “America’s Test Kitchen”. Pluto TV actually has a channel showing nothing but episodes of both shows. I do prefer the newer episodes with Julia Collin-Davison and Bridget Lancaster hosting.

OK wow this post was all over the place. But then, that’s my brain. ¯\_()_/¯ 

Jason Durden

Jason Durden


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