August Was Crazy

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Southeast Georgia Sunset Shot I took.

It is 11:18 PM on Friday, and this is really the first chance I have had to sit down and watch TV or anything in a couple of weeks. To say I am exhausted is an understatement. And it runs the gamut —  physically, mentally, and emotionally. I know thing will ease once I get into a routine of the life changes.

I’ve mentioned it on the show and social media, but about a month ago, I think it was I’ve lost track of the time, my 80 year old mother fell and suffered a brain hemorrhage. Or she had a hemorrhage and fell. The doctors never really figured it out. And she has no memory of the incident. This has resulted in 2 trips to the local ER, a stay at Augusta (GA) University Medical School. She was about 48 hrs and discharged confident the bleeding had stopped. It had not. That was the 2nd trip to the ER, and a 2 week stay at Medical University of South Carolina. If you’re wondering why she had to go do far from Statesboro to get treatment, it is because all the hospitals were on full diversion due to COVID patients overcrowding the hospitals. When Mom first went to the ER that time, she was alert, she knew what was going on. But she couldn’t talk. Noting would come out. I cannot imagine the horror she felt at that time. During her time in the ER, we were told she had started speaking again. And I spoke to her myself. She sounded like her self. We could not go into the hospital because of the COVID surge. 

Here is where I see the problem occurring. Mom needed to be seen my a neurosurgeon urgently. There is no neurosurgeon affiliated with this hospital. Since all the hospitals with one that were closer, like in Savannah, GA or Jacksonville, FL, she instead had to be taken to MUSC in Charleston, SC. It took probably 2  hours for the ER to secure her a bed in a facility. And then, there were no transport ambulances anywhere in SE GA that could transport her to SC. I think the one that ended up transporting her came from Greenville, SC. It was 8 hours before they could get to the hospital because they were so busy. So, all told, it was probably 12 hours between the time of the incident and the tie she got to the ER in Charleston. 12.Hours. A patient with a traumatic brain injury had to wait 12 hours before being seen by anyone could help her. I am pissed off about that fact. By the time she got to the hospital her condition had deteriorated. From sitting up and talking to me on the phone in the ER, to barely coherent and mostly unable to speak. I am in no way a medical professional not an expert, but that seems like not a good thing for someone in her condition. I’ll never know. But will always have that lingering in my mind. 

The neurosurgeon and doctors had done al they can for Mom in Charleston Although we didn’t think she was ready to be discharged, even after 2 weeks, they medically cleared her and she was transported to a rehabilitative facility close to home. I was there tonight, My sister, Kelly, and I alternate days going to see her. It is hard as hell to see the strongest woman I have ever known in my life lying there in that tiny bed. It sucks. But I do. She is my Mom. Kelly and I remain steadfast in the goal of getting her back home where she can take care of herself. She might need a sitter for a bit but that we can do…as long as we get her home. 

Sounds exhausting, right?

Well, three weeks into this ordeal with Mom, I started a new full time, M-F, 8-5 job. While I am enjoying the job immensely, and all my new coworkers, it is a major life change while I am undergoing another major life change. I have only been working for 2 weeks, so it’s still new and I have not gotten my routine down. I know once I do, things will start going more smoothly. And certainly once Mom gets home it’ll get better since I won’t have to make the 40 minute drive to and fro every other evening after work. 

Oh, what’s the job? I am now working for the Bulloch County (GA) Tax Commissioner as a Tax and Tag Specialist. That means I’l be sitting at a county tag office clerk window renewing vehicle registrations and issuing license plates, and, as I have leaned, many, many other things.  It is exciting learning something new and working with a positive and helpful team. 

There is much more to learn that I had thought. Not only does the office handle vehicle taxes, we also accept payment for property taxes. Thankfully our office does not set the milage rate nor appraise property. And I have also learned that there seems to be an endless supply of problematic situations that need to be rectified. I was surprised about the number of people who are not able to get what they wanted done. I can tell it’ll never get boring.

So it may take a minute to get things all in order, but I will. 

On, and it is now 12:26 AM, Saturday, September 4th. I had to pause to get something done. ¯\_()_/¯ 

Jason Durden

Jason Durden